La Hasil ( Hollow Pursuits ) By: Umaira Ahmad Price PAK Rs. 495

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La Hasil ( Hollow Pursuits )

By: Umaira Ahmad

Retail Price PRS495 (PAK Rs.495)
Our Price PAK Rs. 495

Pages 296 Publisher FEROZSONS
Weight 500(gm)
ISBN 9789690023391

She felt her heart would burst with sorrow. ‘Who am I? What am I?’ she wondered. ‘Where have my desires led me?’ She thought back and realized that she had used the people she loved to achieve her goals. The trees ask me And the sky And the sea asks me Who am I? Who am I? ‘I am Umme Mariam whose pride in her talent made her arrogant. So arrogant that she was blinded to all others. Whose only aim was to appear in the society pages of every newspaper, so that others might see her and envy her good fortune. I am she who for fame abandoned her art and instead of paint used filth to color her art so that it would be acceptable to those who purchase it. I am she whose art has moved from the spiritual level to lowest level possible. In exchange of art I accepted wealth, fame and recognition. For this I got praise and honour…or what passes for it.’ Umera Ahmed is a novelist, short story writer and scriptwriter based in Sialkot. She did her Masters in English Literature from Murray College, Sialkot. She served in the Cambridge wing of Army Public College, Sialkot, as a teacher, before writing for the electronic media. She has authored 21 books so far, comprising novels, compilations of short stories and plays. Seven of her TV drama serials have received awards.


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