Tilism-i-Hoshruba: Umro Ayyar Collection (10 Books) US $39.50 Pak Rs1250

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Tilism-i-Hoshruba: Umro Ayyar Collection (10 Books)

Product Details:
Author: Akhtar Rizvi | ISBN: N/A | Format: Paperback |
Weight: 2.90 lbs | Pub. Date: N/A | Publisher: Ferozsons
US $39.50 Pak Rs 1250

Finally – the collection has been re-released – complete in its original form. These books were the staple of kids growing up in the 70s and 80s.

Amir Hamza & Umro Ayyar collections were first published centuries ago – around 1100 AD – a collection of stories written to entertain the Muslim Emperors who ruled at the time. In their original form, these stories spread over thousands of pages, tens of volumes – Maqbool Jehangir (Amir Hamza Collection) & Akhtar Rizvi (Umro Ayyar Collection) have shortened the length and translated them into everyday, contemporary Urdu.

The stories are gripping, full of suspense, horror, black magic, fantasy & action; these stories were here before Tolkien wrote his “Lord of the Rings” and if we dare say so – are much better than Tolkien’s work.

Series: Tilism-i-Hoshruba:

1-Umro ki ghaddari, 2-Umro ka bhoot, 3-Umro kay chelay, 4-Umro ki ayyari, 5-Umro ki giriftari, 6-Umro ki rehai, 7-Umro ka inteqam, 8-Umro ki pareshani, 9-Umro kay karnamay, 10-Umro ka anjam.


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