Kulyat-e-Ahmed Faraz Author: Ahmed Faraz Price Us$US $39.50 PakRs1450

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Kulyat-e-Ahmed Faraz

Product Details:
Author: Ahmed Faraz | ISBN: 969-496-230-7 | Format: Hardcover |
Pages: 1664 | Weight: 4.55 lbs | Pub. Date: 2004 |
Publisher: Dost Publications
Price Us$US $39.50

‘Kulyat-e-Ahmed Faraz’ has taken a long time coming, and Dost Publications deserve credit for not only publishing it but also for the quality of the printing. Print quality coupled with Ahmed Faraz’s poetry means double the pleasure for the reader.

This kulyat is a collection of his following works: Tanha Tanha, Dar-e-Aashoob, Nayafat, Janan Janan, Shab-e-Khoon, Meray Khwab Reza Reza, Bay Awaz Gali Koochon Mein, Nabeena Shaher Mein Aaina, Pas Andaz Mausam, Sab Awazen Meri Hain, Khwab-e-Gul Pareshan Hain, Bodlak,Ghazal Bahana Karon.
Pak Rs 1450


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