Ghaddar Kaun? Author: Sohail Warraich Price US $28.50 Price Pak Rs

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Ghaddar Kaun?

Product Details:
Author: Sohail Warraich | Format: Hardcover |
Pages: 520 | Weight: 2.63 lbs | Pub. Date: 2006 |
Publisher: Saagar Publications
Price US $28.50 Price Pak Rs

Nawaz Sharif opens up to Sohail Warraich in a big way – from his early childhood to becoming the most powerful man in Pakistan this book presents Nawaz Sharif’s own version of the personal and public issues (related to him) that have often been mentioned in the local and international media.

The book in the main is one long question and answer session spanning the whole of 400 plus pages. Most notable and interesting is Nawaz Sharif’s account of the Kargil war, his involvement in it and his relationship with General Pervez Musharraf.

Book also contains rare photographs from Nawaz Sharif’s college days among many others.


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