Stories Of The Prophets (including Life Of Muhammad) USD 9.71 / EUR 6.47

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Stories Of The Prophets (including Life Of Muhammad)

USD 9.71 / EUR 6.47


Stories always fascinate man. When they are true stories, his interest grows many times. Then if the true stories are about the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, their importance knows no bounds. These true accounts of lives of Allah’s Messengers which you will read within the covers of this book are a faithful rendering of Ibn Kathir’s Qasas al-Anbiya. Imam Imaduddin Abul-Fida Ismail Ibn Kathir took great pains to collect the material from authentic sources. He has quoted from the Holy Quran and Ahadith and his book is regarded as the most authoritative by scholars in the Islamic world. This material forms part of his greater work Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihaya (The Beginning and the End). The book traces the lives of the Prophets, how they proclaimed the message of Allah, induced their people to following the right path and how they endured persecution at the hands of their people. A feature of this book is that it also includes the seerah of Prophet Muhammad e, abridged from Qasas ul Quran while Ibn Kathir narrates the seerah of all Prophets before him. The English translation is another of Dar ul-Ishaat’s effort in providing its patrons with authoritative and valuable reading material on Islam. The book also has an exhaustive useful index.
Book Details
Subject(s) Stories
Author(s) Ibn Kathir Ad-damishqi
Published By Darulishaat Karachi
Translated By Rafiq Abdur Rehman
ISBN 978-969-428-137-7
Product Code DIE-8470
Cover HB
Dimensions 24.5*16*3.5 cm
Pages 414
Weight 1000 gm


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